DUI Reported By Citizen Results In Drug Arrest In Aberdeen


On 06/05/24 around 11:20pm, Aberdeen Officers were dispatched to a possible DUI complaint involving a black Dodge pickup truck in the area of Port Industrial Road. It was reported by a citizen that the male driver was sleeping in the middle of the intersection and there was a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The citizen advised the driver seemed confused while trying to communicate with him. Officers were then updated the vehicle was last observed driving eastbound on Heron Street after the driver woke up.


A sergeant with the Aberdeen Police Department observed the vehicle traveling eastbound on E Heron Street. The sergeant observed driving that was indicative of impairment and stopped the vehicle for reasonable suspicion of DUI. The driver of the truck was contacted and based on the officers’ observations, was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

A loaded firearm was located inside the vehicle. The vehicle was then towed to the Aberdeen Police Department for the application of a search warrant. Upon service of the search warrant, four loaded firearms, approximately $8,000 in cash, a large amount of gold coins and bars estimated at over $30,000 in value and a large amount of marijuana believed to be possessed with the intent to deliver was located inside the vehicle.

The adult male suspect CARLTON, BRADLEY W was arrested and booked into the Aberdeen Police Department Jail for DUI, Firearms violations and Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Deliver


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