Explosive Device Placed On Railroad Tracks Monte Brady RD At Fire Station RD Saturday Evening.


This is an overnight call catch up overnight call catch-up. Call Catch Ups are incidents that our team find that occurred overnight, and we go through our online recorded call audio from our GHScanner App Services. We listen to the audio and these are the details of the incident that we are able to gather. There has been no official press release as of writing this.


Here is a follow-up from last nights post in regards to the road closure at Monte Brady RD and Fire Station RD.

At 9:15 PM officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious item that had been placed onto the railroad tracks reported by the train engineer. The vehicle was reported to be a 4-door sedan, white or silver in color. Per WSP radio dispatch, the suspect placed a device on the railroad tracks as the train was approaching, and the device went off. There was no indication of what type of device or any damage to the tracks at the time. The train was able to continue on through the intersection.

The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was requested to do a sweep of the area to make sure there was just the one device that was placed.

From previous months of radio traffic and to include some this evening, Montesano PD has been responding to similar or suspicious activity reports along the railroad tracks.

The roadway was closed at this intersection for around 2 hours, it sounds like. No suspect was located.

If you see suspicious activity along the rail tracks, please make sure to report it.


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