Supporter Post Guidelines

Fotolia 65125319 Subscription Monthly MStarting here at the end of 2018 Grays Harbor Scanner is going to make use of a program that Facebook is providing fan based pages and groups to allow those who want to "Support" their favorite pages and in turn get exclusive content, first and early content and some other posts as we choose for a support fee.  There will still be non-supporter options that GHS will provide and this page is to serve as a guideline to what we will be providing to non-supporters and supporters alike.  Read Our Announcement Post Here 

Everything we post will eventually be available to all in open posts whether you choose to support us or not.  Do not panic just yet.  Even if you do not support GHS, or cannot afford one cup of coffee a month to support GHS we sill will be making all posts available to non-supporters.  Posts that will be designated for supporters will be made open posts for all after approximately 60 minutes after the original post  (give or take based on the staff members availability to open up the post for everyone).  The time frame is not a guarantee but we will make every possible effort to remember to change the status of the supporters posts that we make to open post.

Supporter posts are going to be mainly made by our primary admins such as our head admin who probably does 60% of the posts on our page. We will have 3 - 4 secondary staff admins who will not be making posts directed to supporters. 


This section covers what is considered non-supporter posts, or we will use the term open posts. 

  • Press Releases from official agencies 
  • Any information release sent out by any official agency
  • Weather and storm alerts 
  • Construction and road alerts 
  • Picture threads
  • Animal missing and found posts 
  • Local Events 
  • Non-Primary Admin posts (scanner traffic-related)
  • Major Emergency Alerts - Major meaning Tsnaumi, Earthquake, Regional impacting type events.

Page Supporters - 

Page supporters are going to get the following for 60 minutes or more as early access information before we make them open posts.  **** NOTE, we are not changing anything current to our support level - when we post how we post, how we answer questions etc...  Page supporters are supporting our current efforts and how we post and operate.  There is no guarantee that we will catch all calls or all things. 

  • Traffic Accidents (injury, non-injury, blocking etc...)
  • Structure Fires
  • Hazmat calls
  • Bridge Openings (Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM not including maintenance openings when no notice is given).
  • Robberies, Shootings, Fights, and Assaults
  • CPR Medical Calls.
  • Other related type scanner notices
  • GHS Reserves the right to add or keep additional posts directed only to GHS Supporters.

This is a Facebook Supporters Program.  Refunds will not be issued (in fact not sure we could if we wanted to).  Those who choose to support GHS in our efforts and get early access updates and content will be responsible to monitor and control their own support subscription through whatever means they chose to subscribe.  GHS has no control over those methods nor any direct access to assist with these new features. 


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