GHScanner To Start New Incident Tips Program With Raffle




Grays Harbor Scanner is excited to announce a new program for helping share information to the community and our subscribers.  As we all know, GHScanner is staffed by mostly and all volunteer team.  And sometimes we just can't staff the page like we would like to.  We have team members that take time off for family, being out sick, vacation time, meetings, and even work (ya some of us have real jobs too). 

The biggest component of our Facebook Page, Website and Alert Subscriptions is catching what is going on out there by listening to scanners as well as our online scanners and our communications with partnering agencies. And every so often our staff just cannot be online to monitor all of our sources to create the alerts and informational posts. 

Starting today, April 13th, 2023 we are launching our Incident Tips Raffle program as a trial.  It is free to enter our raffle and giveaway with submission of an accurate tip and details that our team members can use as a post or subscriber alert. 

This is a great opportunity for those of you that like to listen to the scanners online or with one you own and have the opportunity to  help us out with an entry into our raffles.

Every two weeks, we will draw one winner out of the submissions of tips sent to us for the raffle item of the term.  The first raffle item will be a $30 Dutch Brothers Gift Card and will be drawn on April 27th.

Every tip entry is recorded with a name and IP address and the information and we will use this to enter users into the drawing. 

We will be extending the gift card raffle items soon with other local offerings and businesses and will also be looking for new partners in these offerings, giving them an opportunity to reach more customers down the road. 

To review the raffle entry rules and information, CLICK HERE

Those wishing to fill out the entry form with accurate incident details after reading entry rules can either use our app GHScanner and click on MORE on the main interface and then TIPS or can visit our website and use the menu item GHS Incident Raffle and use the submission form

To be very clear, GHScanner will not tolerate fake submissions – IP addresses are tracked and users that submit fake and false information will be blocked from all GHScanner Services.  GHScanner will make every effort to verify information received and will use the word TIP – before every alert, or posting indicating that the information came from a tip and may not be as accurate as one of the GHScanner Admins gathering the information  

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