Early Morning Call Catch Up - Vance Creek Park Restrooms On Fire

This is an overnight/early morning call catch up overnight call catch-up. Call Catch Ups are incidents that our team find that occurred /early morning, and we go through our online recorded call audio from our GHScanner App Services. We listen to the audio and these are the details of the incident that we are able to gather. There has been no official press release as of writing this.

GHScanner RE-Player Audio File


We got a few tips and questions in this morning about seeing a smoke plume and hearing an explosion - Going through our call audio from this morning it appears that around 5:15 AM this morning an Elma officer spotted the smoke plume, requested FD for smoke investigation. The officer was able to locate the fire at the Vance Creek Park restrooms. Radio traffic indicates that the gates at the park were locked, and the officer was able to get them open. The restrooms on fire appeared to be locked. County Deputy was in route, suggested that this may be arson. 


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