What Was That About - Man Throwing Rocks At Vehicles Shatters Window

One of the incidents that we sent out and posted to our GHScanner Subscribers stood out that we thought we would share with everyone. If you want to get all of our alerts and incident posts, make sure to either click on Subscribe on our Facebook Page or click on Subscribe/Get Alerts in our GHScanner App.

In this WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT - A Humptulips man was throwing rocks at passing vehicles on US 101 hitting several cars and even with one shattering its window.


Here is the alert that we posted - Humptulips, near the grocery store off US 101 male subject that was throwing rocks at vehicle while walking along the roadway was confronted by a passerby, he then tried to throw rocks at their head. Deputy is responding for an assault. The person that was assaulted was hit in the head, requesting EMS. This person, that is also known to deputies, believe that The suspect was headed towards a person's house that has a restraining order against him. 704 p.m.

Turned out that a person picked him up and left the scene, the person that had picked him up there was a protection order in place against him.

A subscriber of ours sent us this as she was involved in this incident "In regards to the incident in Humptulips. I was driving north almost to the Humptulips bridge and saw this man up ahead walking very angrily. He picked up rocks and started throwing at cars. He hit my car, busted passenger side wing window and I received a cut to my
Temple and toe from flying glass. He also hit two more cars one receiving heavy damage to door. He was arrested without incident at the Humptulips store. Everyone shook up but okay."


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