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In September 2012 Grays Harbor Scanner was launched as a Facebook Page and the website here was created.  Originally Grays Harbor Scanner was created to play host to just the online feeds and update information on the feed.  But things went a whole different direction due to community feedback and desire. This page now plays host to our online scanners, news stories, and blogs from our admin team (8 or more of us). It also has sponsored groups and postings such as Garage sales, Lost and Found pets, news gathered from around the Harbor - and photos.  We are more than just an online police and fire feed, we are apart of the community and a community page this is. 

On May 1st, 2016 Grays Harbor Scanner was officially licensed as a business with the state of Washington along with its subsidiaries Grays Harbor Scanner Alerts and Grays Harbor Media Services.  Grays Harbor Media Services being our primary business of operations plays host to many new services that we will be offering.  The main offering in May will be that of GHSAlerts, a new alert service for your cell phones alerting you to what is happening around Grays Harbor through cell phone alerts.  There will be free services, along with paid service programs.  Grays Harbor Media Services will be offering much more as time goes on such as web hosting, web site design, social media consulting, and new city alert services for cities to offer the same things that GHSAlerts will be doing.  This is a new adventure for all of us and can't wait to have everyone included. 

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