City of Aberdeen Prepares For Potential Flooding Event

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The City of Aberdeen is preparing for a possible flooding event on Thursday.  The potential for flooding is high after recent rains and King Tides that are expected.  The City Of Aberdeen has released information such as how to be prepared, Sandbag locations and more.

Significant coastal flooding in the City of Aberdeen is likely to occur on Thursday, December 20, 2018. Due to low pressure and strong winds, the actual tide on Thursday may be two to four feet higher than the predicted high of 11.28 feet (MLLW datum). These water levels have the potential to overtop the banks of the Wishkah River, Chehalis River, and Grays Harbor. Creeks and storm drainage systems may become flooded as well. This has the potential to be a major coastal flooding event, and all low-lying areas of the City have the potential to be affected. The highest risk for coastal flooding will be within two to three hours of the predicted high tide at 10:46 AM (PST), although flooding may be possible throughout the day.



What you can do:

  • Stay tuned to news and weather alerts. Check the National Weather Service’s website at weather.gov/sew.
  • Obtain free sandbags at the City’s shop at 1201 W Heron Street. Place sandbags around doors and building openings.
  • Move valuables or lift them up out of areas that flood.
  • Stay out of floodwaters and flooded areas if possible.
  • The City strongly advises against driving through floodwater, but if you do, DRIVE VERY SLOWLY (5 MPH MAX) as wakes from vehicles swamp adjacent homes and businesses causing needless damage.
  • Keep drains clear by using a rake or other hand tool to clear debris. This will help floodwaters to drain out of the area after the tide has ebbed. (Do not use hands, feet, or other body parts to clear debris.)