Two felony arrests in less than 24 hours kept Ocean Shores PD officers busy Tuesday

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The Ocean Shores Police Department was busy on Tuesday Jube 24th investigating and making two felony arrests one being a violation of a protection order and another for burglary and theft that spanned two cities.  

According to Sgt. McManus with the Ocean Shores Police Department at approximately 2:40 am, a resident in the 500 block of Dolphin Ave. NE reported that his son had been at the house, in violation of a domestic violence protection order. Responding officers found the suspect, a  38-year old man, sitting on the side of the road eating from a plate of food. The suspect’s father told officers that his son had been sneaking into the house at night and stealing food and money, and tonight he caught him in the house.


The suspect was arrested for violating the protection order, which was a felony crime because the suspect has prior convictions for the same crime. Before being arrested, the man threw the backpack he was wearing away, insisting that he did not want it to go with him to jail. The backpack was retrieved by the officers. It was later discovered that there were drugs (suspected methamphetamine and heroin) in the backpack.

The suspect was booked into the County Jail for the felony order violation and possession of controlled substances.

Then, at about 5 pm that same day, a citizen reported watching a male subject breaking into a storage shed in the 300 block of Ocean Shores Blvd. SW. Officers were on scene in less than two minutes, and found the door to the shed ajar. Movement could be heard inside. The officers ordered the man to come out, and after a few minutes he came out and was placed under arrest. The inside of the shed appeared to have been ransacked.

When the man’s name was added to the call, a Hoquiam PD officer recognized him as a suspect in a theft from the day before. The same man had reportedly stolen a baseball cap from another man in the area of the YMCA. The Hoquiam officer contacted the Ocean Shores officers on scene and asked if the man was in possession of the stolen hat. He was, and admitted to taking the hat.

The suspect, a 52-year old Hoquiam resident, was transported to Hoquiam PD where he was issued a citation for Theft 3º. He was then transported to the County Jail and booked on a charge of Burglary 2º