Aberdeen Graffiti and Vandalism Not Due to Protests Sunday, Arrest Made

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According to the Aberdeen Police Department a 51 year-old Aberdeen resident is in custody this morning after spray painting vehicles and businesses in downtown Aberdeen.

On Sunday at around 4:25 PM, Officers were informed of a female spray painting a building in the 200 block of E. Market Street. As Officers checked the area, they located several vehicles and businesses spray painted with the word, “snitch.” A female was located nearby carrying a cap to a spray can and Officers also observed that she had fresh paint on her finger that matched the color of paint on the vehicles and businesses. A witness also positively identified the female as the one observed spray painting one of the buildings.

The female was arrested and booked into the Aberdeen City Jail for multiple counts of malicious mischief. During the investigation, it was discovered that the female was in violation of a court order prohibiting her from being within a certain distance of a business. One of the vehicles spray painted was parked next to that business. In addition to malicious mischief, she was also booked for violation of the court order.

This incident was not related to the demonstrations that took place on Sunday.