Old Mark Reed Hospital, Fire Minimal Due to Working Sprinklers

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A fire early this Monday morning was limited to the east end of the structure and minimal damage due to working sprinkler system says the McCleary Fire Department. 

McCleary Fire Department was dispatched to a possible structure fire Monday October 23rd at 5:46 AM.  Fire District 12 and Fire District 5 were also dispatched for mutual aid. 

On arrival to the structure, the old Mark Reed Hospital site the fire was located on the east end of the structure spreading from a back porch area up to the roof. 

The fire was put out, and the roof area checked for extension.  The fire was contained to the east end of the structure and due to the structure having an active working sprinkler system the fire did minimal damage inside of the building. 

Chief Nott, McCleary Fire said “You can see where the fire started entering the building from the roof and where the sprinklers stopped the spread of it.”

Cause of the fire is still unknown at this time and under investigation.  A fire investigation officer with the  Grays Harbor Sheriffs Department will be investigating the fire. 

Fire units cleared the scene at 8:23.