3 Suspects Arrested in C&T FoodMart and Chevron Burglaries

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Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office detectives have made three arrests for burglaries that occurred at the Central Park Chevron in Aberdeen on 04-12-20 and the C&T Food Mart in Montesano on 03-21-20.

The suspects include a 20-year-old Montesano male, a juvenile male from Montesano and a juvenile male from Elma.

In both burglaries, the glass entry door was broken and the suspects entered grabbing numerous items before fleeing.

The suspects were captured on video in both burglaries attempting to conceal their identity and detectives from the sheriff’s office received valuable tip information from a citizen that assisted them in their investigation.

Detectives continued to investigate and obtained a search warrant for a residence in Montesano with detectives from the Sheriff’s office and the Montesano Police Department serving the search warrant they recovered stolen property and arrested the first suspect.

The investigation progressed and detectives were able to identify the two additional suspects. Two more residences were searched and more stolen property was recovered.

Detectives recovered evidence showing the suspects were planning to commit more burglaries in the area.

The investigation will continue. This is a great example of teamwork to solve crimes in our county. Citizens, the Montesano Police Department and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office all worked together to end this crime spree.