80 year old missing woman with dementia located by King County Sheriff Helicopter Thursday Evening

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On 04-09-20 at approximately 9:15 PM the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office was called to assist in locating an 80-year-old woman with dementia that lives on Bryrwood Drive in Central Park / Aberdeen, Washington.

Family members had called when they could not locate her at her residence and had searched the residence and the immediate area and were unable to find her.


Deputies arrived on the scene and continued the search. The family members were concerned that the 80-year-old woman could have wandered into the woods as she had recently made some comments in regards to the woods.  The sheriff’s office contacted Grays Harbor Emergency Management to request ground searchers, dog teams and a helicopter with thermal imaging.  Grays Harbor Fire District 2 was requested and responded to assist in the search and provide medical attention if needed.


King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter Guardian 1 was available and responded to the area and searched a heavily wooded area near the woman's residence with their thermal imaging device.  At approximately 12:15 AM shortly after arriving in the area,  Guardian 1 located a heat signal south of the residence in the woods. 

Guardian 1 was then able to guide searchers to the heat source where they located the missing 80-year-old woman who appeared to be in good health but was transported to the hospital to be checked further. 

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office Said "they want to thank everyone involved in the search and in particular King County Sheriff’s Office Guardian 1 for their help locating the missing person.  If she was not located so quickly this easily could have turned into a tragedy".