Elma School Bus Driver Cleared in Railroad Crossing Incident.

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The Elma School District and Elma Police Department have determined that the driver of a district school bus caught on video at a railroad crossing with the crossing arms down on the bus was not at fault for the incident.  The video spurred hateful social media comments without thought to what to may actually had been the actual circumstances since the video only captured the bus from the arms being down on it and nothing leading up to. 

Here is what the Elma School District had to say about the incident - 


On June 4, an Elma School District bus was involved in a traffic incident at a railroad crossing on 11th Street in Elma.

The District asked the Elma Police Department to investigate the circumstances around this incident. The police investigation is now complete and they did not find fault with the driver’s actions.

In an effort to ensure the highest level of student safety, the District is enhancing training guidelines to address how drivers should handle obstructed views at railroad crossings.

We will be re-training this driver with these enhanced standards.