Olympic National Park Search in Progress for Missing Person

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A search (SAR) began in Olympic National Park on Monday, May 27 after receiving a 911 call at 5:45 pm for a missing person. A 35 year old female was reported missing after entering the water at Lake Crescent with a personal inflatable raft.


Park Rangers immediately searched by boat and with the assistance of the U.S. Navy, conducted an aerial search operation looking for any signs of the missing woman. Rangers worked well into the night on the SAR effort and resumed the search by boat at 6:00 am on Tuesday, May 28. The National Park Service enlisted the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday, May 28 to continue aerial observations. NPS resources are being utilized on the SAR for both water and land searches. Additional resources are being contacted out of Mason County and Kitsap County for assistance.

A hasty search found no evidence of the woman in the area of Lake Crescent.



We ask anyone who visited the shores of Lake Crescent from Barnes Point to Fairholm on Monday, May 27 between the hours of noon and 6:00 pm and observed the use of a “white unicorn personal inflatable raft” to please call or text Olympic National Park immediately on the Investigative Tip Line (888) 653-0009. You don’t have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know. Information from other visitors and boaters is often extremely valuable during searches.