Aberdeen Police Officer Pulls Suicidal Woman Off Bridge

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Here is more about this incident from the Aberdeen Police Department:

On Wednesday, September 6th at about 8:25 PM Aberdeen Police officers responded to the Chehalis River Bridge for a report of a welfare check. 

A passing motorist reported a female straddling the railing of the bridge at midspan, which is about 70 feet above the water below.  Sgt. Ross Lampky responded to the call and began speaking with the 31-year-old Hoquiam female, who upon seeing police arrive placed both legs over the railing toward the river. 

Sgt. Lampky being familiar with the young woman was able to establish a rapport and stand nearby to speak.  When the woman asked to smoke a cigarette, Sgt. Lampky directed her attention to a nearby officer to obtain one from her belongings. 

Once her attention was diverted, he grabbed and pulled her back over the railing onto the sidewalk.  She was then transported to the hospital to speak with a mental health care provider.