No Injuries in Non Reported Downed Aircraft in Grays Harbor

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The Grays Harbor County Sheriffs Office says there were no injuries on an unreported downed aircraft in Grays Harbor County Monday.  The incident was not reported until the following day to the FAA, and Grays Harbor Sheriffs Office Officials were never contacted in regards to the incident.  

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On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office was given information about a plane that had been located burnt on a logging road approximately 1.2 miles from SR 109  off the  4600 line on property that is owned by Grays Harbor County.    

Deputies responded to the area and located a small passenger plane that had landed on the logging road and struck a stump. 

The plane was completely burnt and it did not appear there was anyone in the plane. 

Deputies contacted the FAA to see what they knew about the incident where the FAA advised the incident occurred on 04-01-19. 

The pilot of the Tango Piper Cub was flying in the area when he had engine problems and made an emergency landing on the logging road.  The plane’s wing struck a log and then the plane went off the road and struck a stump.  The pilot advised the wing and windshield were damaged in the landing and he and the plane were covered in fuel.  The pilot walked out to the road and left the area. 

The pilot did not report the incident to the FAA until the next day 04-02-19 and did not mention a fire.  The pilot was unavailable for contact and NTSB have scheduled an investigation to take place next Wednesday.