21 arrested in Westport and South Beaches on Outstanding Warrants in Sweep.

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Did you see all of the police activity out near Westport, South beaches this last week - In one-day law agencies arrested 21 people in an 8 hour period on outstanding warrants.  

More on this from Chief Criminal Deputy Johansson

On 3-28-19 The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and the Westport Police Department conducted a warrant sweep focusing on the south beach area Grays Harbor County. 21 individuals were arrested and booked into jail on local misdemeanor and felony warrants. A total of 41 warrants were cleared by arresting these 21 individuals.

Based on the success of this warrant sweep more patrols are planned for other areas of Grays Harbor County. If you have active warrants for your arrest, now would be a good time to clear them up by calling the court of jurisdiction.