Hoquiam Police Car Rammed By Drunk Driver Tuesday Night

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Hoquiam Police Chief Myers says that At approximately 2217 hours, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to an apartment in the 2400 block of Bay Ave for an “unknown problem”.

A female caller indicated someone was inside her apartment and she needed an ambulance. Dispatchers were unable to determine exactly what the problem was due to a language barrier.

Upon the arrival of the first officers, they parked on opposite sides of the building. As Sgt. Salstrom exited his patrol car, he was directed by upstairs tenants standing on their balcony to a black Nissan pick-up parked on the grass on the east end of the building.
As Sgt. Salstrom approached the truck, the driver suddenly started the vehicle and drove forward crashing into the side of the apartment building. The impact jarred the two-story structure and awoke several tenants.

The driver then started to back-up, at which point Sgt. Salstrom started to run back to his patrol car assuming the suspect was trying to flee the scene.

Instead of driving away, however, the driver pulled forward toward the nearby patrol car. Sgt. Salstrom had to jump out of the way as the driver rammed into the driver-side rear of the parked HPD patrol car.

Sgt. Salstrom contacted the driver and attempted to get him out of the truck. When the driver refused to exit, a TASER was deployed in order to take the 28-year old Federal Way man into custody. It was quickly determined the driver was highly intoxicated.



In contacting the reporting party, officers determined the man had been at the apartment drinking whereupon he assaulted the female occupant, whom he had just met, before attempting to leave in the pick-up.

It appeared the suspect had also side-swiped the victim’s parked car as he drove from the back to the side of the building before he was found by Sgt. Salstrom.

Due to the collision with a Hoquiam department vehicle, an Aberdeen sergeant and Aberdeen officer responded to the scene to process the suspect for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The suspect’s vehicle was impounded at the scene and the patrol car was driven back to the station where it was taken out of service due to the damage.

The suspect will be booked into the Hoquiam City Jail for assault 4th degree, hit and run and driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor after he is processed by the Aberdeen officers.

We appreciate the assistance of APD and the even closer working relationship between our departments under the leadership of APD Chief Shumate.