Amanda Park Woman Non Injured After Car Rolls Into A Moving Train.

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A 64-year old Amanda Park woman escaped injury Friday evening when her 2012 Volkswagen Jetta was involved in a collision with an eastbound train.

This collision occurred near the intersection of E. Wishkah and Tyler at about 5:27 PM.

The vehicle was the first vehicle in line waiting to pull out of the Olympic Gateway Plaza, in the right lane. After waiting for most of the train to pass (witnesses estimated around 20 minutes), the car began to idle forward toward the passing train.

With only 4-5 rail cars remaining to pass, the vehicle entered the path of the train and sustained significant front end damage, as the bumper was torn away and the car was pushed out of the way to the southeast.

The train was reportedly traveling at routine slow municipal speeds, and the engine staff was evidently unaware of the collision and continued toward east county.

The driver was shaken but did not report any injuries. Alcohol appears to be a contributing factor in the collision.