APD Shares Season Warnings and tips.

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The Aberdeen Police Department shared some winter safety tips as well as seasonal warnings with the cold weather upon us for the winter. Some of the warnings include things such as not leaving your car unattended while it is running, and leaving car doors unlocked giving criminals opportunity. 

Here is more from the Aberdeen Police Department on this -
Like the song says, “Baby it’s cold outside!” The winter temperatures are upon us again, which means folks will need to defrost windshields to be able to safely see for driving. Vehicle theft is often a crime of opportunity, and an unoccupied car warming up is an attractive easy target. Annually the Aberdeen Police Department receives a number of reported vehicle thefts as temperatures dip where people start their cars to warm, then leave them unattended. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 46.61.600 Unattended Motor Vehicle notes, “No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key and effectively setting the brake…” We request folks remain with their vehicles so they don’t become a victim. The cold and inconvenience of remaining with your car will be far less of a burden than your time and money spent replacing it.



Speaking about crimes of opportunity, it ‘Tis the Season for increased vehicle prowl activity. With shorter days (more hours of darkness), vehicle prowlers have more time to be able to operate under the cover of darkness. During the past 8 days, the Aberdeen Police Department has received 19 vehicle prowl reports (3 south of the bridge, 4 in the downtown area up to 8th St., 6 on the west end, 4 on the east end, and 2 up on the hill). To reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim, simply locking your doors – at all times – and removing all valuables will increase your odds of not having your vehicle entered. Most vehicle prowlers will pass by a locked vehicle, as breaking out a window creates noise and can draw attention. Vehicle prowlers commonly case vehicles by looking in the windows to see potential opportunities for items they can sell or trade for cash or drugs. If there is nothing for them to take, vehicle prowlers will often pass on by to an easy target. With Christmas shopping kicking into high gear, shoppers are recommended to secure packages where they are least visible.

Should you see someone looking in vehicle windows or they draw your attention because something about their behavior isn’t common to your neighborhood, the mall parking lot, or wherever - call the dispatch center at #360-533-8765 and report your concern. Please help the Aberdeen Police Department to help you and others by reporting this information. We rely on the partnership of the eyes and ears in our community to help us prevent future criminal activity.