Guilty Plea In Community Hospital Theft Case Made.

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The Aberdeen Police Department announced Tuesday, October 23rd that they had learned that a guilty plea had been entered in the First Degree Theft case of money stolen from Grays Harbor Community Hospital 



On October 8th 2018, 46 YO Davina M. Gilroy plead gulty to First Degree Theft in Grays Harbor Superior Court.

           In July 2017, the Aberdeen Police Department was contacted reference an employee theft. An investigation followed and it was discovered that Gilroy had stolen nearly $400,000.00 dollars from writing fraudulent checks and making direct deposits into her personal bank account.

           Gilroy was sentenced to one year in the Grays Harbor County Jail and will have to pay restitution on an undisclosed amount of money to the Hospitals Insurance Company. She will also be allowed to do work release so that she can continue to work and pay back the money.