Pacific County Courthouse Evacuated After Bomb Threat

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The Pacific County Sheriffs Office posted to their social media accounts earlier Friday, October 19th that their phone lines for the business side of 911 were not going to be answered, and that 911 lines were being transferred to another agency due to an emergency and evacuation of their offices and 911 center.  

We now have an update that this was due to a bomb threat that had been called in, later determined fake. 


at approximately 12:53 PM, the Pacific County Communications Center received a call from an anonymous person with a male voice stating that at 1:00 PM an explosive device was set to go off at the Pacific County Courthouse. The caller further advised that two additional explosive devices would detonate every 45 minutes after the first. The call is believed to have been made from an untraceable cellular phone number.

Employees and bystanders within the courthouse were alerted to evacuate. Law enforcement personnel from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office and the Raymond and South Bend police Departments assisted with the evacuation and also searched the courthouse for any explosive devices. Medical aid was notified. No explosions occurred nor were any devices located. The incident appeared to be a hoax. Courthouse employees and visitors were allowed to resume normal services. The incident is being investigated.