Ocean Shores Man Arrested For Imprisonment of His Grandmother

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A 45-year old Ocean Shores resident was arrested for Unlawful Imprisonment for holding his 88-year old grandmother hostage in her home. This occurred at a residence in the 300 block of S. Razor Clam Dr. SW, in Ocean Shores.

At about 11:10 pm on September 9, the grandmother called 911 to report that her grandson (who had only been staying with her for a few days) was acting irrationally. She told the dispatcher that she could not speak freely because the suspect was standing nearby.

When Officers arrived on scene, they saw the suspect peeking out the windows at them. When they knocked at the door and announced who it was, the man retreated into the house. The grandmother then began screaming. Officer forced open the front and back doors and quickly took the man into custody.



The victim told Officers that when the suspect heard the police were at the door, he told her not to answer. When she tried to move towards the door, he pushed her against the door and would not let her move. That is when she began yelling for help.

The man was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail on a charge of Unlawful Imprisonment. Unlawful Imprisonment is an Class C felony, and is defined as, “He or she knowingly restrains another person.”