Monday Kidnapping Call Unfounded.

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A post on Monday in regards to a possible kidnapping was updated to not as reported, and the Hoquiam Police Department has confirmed today that the call they got on Monday for a possible kidnapping was not as reported and determined unfounded.

The alert posted by us, Grays Harbor Scanner could have been very important in finding witnesses and information to locate the suspect and child. However, luckily that was not needed and we quickly updated the posts as the information came in.

Police Chief Myers says the call came in on Monday, September 3, 2018 at 1651 hours, Hoquiam officers were dispatched to a reported kidnapping which had just occurred in the 700 block of K Street.

The call originated when a nine-year old boy rode his bike home to tell his mother that a man had led his ten-year old brother away by the arm while they were both riding bikes in the area.



Officers immediately flooded the area with the assistance of multiple units from Aberdeen PD. They contacted a woman sitting nearby in her car waiting for her daughter at dance practice, but the woman had not witnessed any problem in the area.

As officers continued to investigate, the older sibling rode up at home on his bike. He indicated no kidnapping or contact as described had occurred in any way.

While Hoquiam PD and Aberdeen PD have always attempted to assist each other on priority calls, lately we have noticed APD officers more willing and available to assist HPD when needed. We greatly appreciate their assistance and have passed on our appreciation to Chief Shumate because working together makes both communities more safe!