Traveling NY Motorcyclist Helmet Stolen and Recovered Quickly by APD

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On 07/14/18 at about 7pm I solo motorcyclist was checking into a local hotel for a single night stay on his tour of the Country which began in New York. While taking his items into his room, he left his $300 Harley Davidson motorcycle helmet unattended in the parking lot.  When he returned to get it someone had taken it.  Video surveillance of the parking lot showed a male on a bike had taken it and fled.

Aberdeen officers worked together in identifying the suspect and then hitting the streets to find the suspect and retrieve the helmet before the victim was to leave the next morning. One officer had an extra motorcycle helmet at home and gave it to the victim as it was a weekend and the victim couldn't continue his trip without a helmet and no local connections.



With the assistance of a couple of local young adults the motorcycle helmet was returned to APD and the victim was able to have his helmet back by noon on 07/15/18. The victim was amazed at how diligently officers worked to get his helmet back and even offering him one of their own personal helmets.
The suspect is known to local police and still at large. He knows we are looking for him and it would be in his best interest to turn himself in.