South Aberdeen Shooting Suspects Arrested

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The Aberdeen Police Department says that they have arrested 2 in relation to a drive-by shooting that occurred on May 12th.  They say that they believe Gang retaliation to be the motive in this case, here is more from Lt. Darst

Over the holiday weekend, two brothers were arrested as suspects in a drive-by shooting that occurred in Aberdeen on 5-12-18 about 1500 hours in the 300 block of King Street.  The 26-year-old victim was shot in the arm shattering his bone.  There were two suspects in a black Infinity that drove by the victim and shot him. 

A press release done on 5-15-18 with a picture of a similar vehicle resulted in numerous tips from the public that assisted Aberdeen Detectives to develop a case against the two brothers, one an adult and one a juvenile.  Aberdeen Detectives were able to piece together the facts of the case and develop a motive which lead to the arrests of the suspects.  



The Aberdeen PD Street Crimes Unit (SCU) arrested the 19 year old brother on Sunday about 1700 hours.  He is identified as Ashton J. Brooks.  On Monday about 1020 hours, the SCU and patrol units located the juvenile brother and arrested him.  Brooks has been arraigned and is being held on 50,000 dollars bail.  He has been charged with two counts of Assault 1st degree for both of the victims at the scene and drive by shooting.  The juvenile will be arraigned on Thursday and faces the same charges.  
The motive appears to be possibly gang related and may be in retaliation for a crossbow shooting that happened in 2017 where Brooks was shot with a crossbow.  Brooks refused to cooperate with the police investigation and signed a waiver of prosecution ending the investigation.  
The black Infinity was located and a search warrant was served for the vehicle.  See attached photo of the vehicle.