Disorderly Man Wielding Air-soft Guns Arrested In Aberdeen May 18th

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Grays Harbor Scanner followers were first alerted to this disturbance back on May 18th in Aberdeen when a disorderly man was reportedly holding 2 shotguns and pointing them at cars and kids.  Lt Darst with the Aberdeen Police Department says that the officers once again showed great restraint when responding to a man pointing guns at people call, even though the guns looked real, but were not.  This is the second call in recent weeks like this.  

Here is what Darst had to say about the incident;

On 5-18-18 at about 3:16 in the afternoon, Aberdeen Police Officers were advised by 911 Dispatch that they were receiving numerous reports of a white male wearing a black baseball cap, black pants and black sweatshirt near the intersection of W. Marion and Exchange Streets in Aberdeen. The man was pointing two shotguns at people.

Dispatch further advised that the man had just pointed the shotguns at a group of kids and was now walking Westbound on Marion. Dispatch advised that a witness reported the suspect was aiming the shotguns at passing cars and he believed that he shot at an orange Nova.

Officers located the suspect at Marion and Mill Street.

The officers knew the suspect on sight and identified him at Zachary A. Merrin. Merrin was standing on the Northwest corner of the intersection and had what appeared to be semi-automatic pistols in each hand.

The officers were yelling at Merrin to drop the guns and he was not complying with those commands.

The officers on-scene were equipped with multiple weapons to include Tazer, rifles and a shotgun with less lethal flexible baton rounds.

Merrin was told that the Tazer and shotgun would be used if he did not comply with the orders.

Merrin dropped the firearms, but then refused directives to back away from the firearms.

Two officers approached Merrin while other officers covered them. They were able to handcuff Merrin even though he resisted. He was arrested and transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for an involuntary mental health hold.



On closer inspection of the firearms, it was determined that they were airsoft pellet guns which normally have the end of the barrel painted or made of bright orange plastic to denote they aren't actual firearms. 
Merrin had used a black marking pen to obscure the orange, making them indistinguishable from a real firearm. 
Officers did not locate any shotguns and determined that the pistols were mistakenly identified.  
Officers located a 15-year-old victim who was shot in the ankle with a pellet as she was running away from Merrin with her 14-year-old brother.  She stated, "I was scared and crying and thought I was going to die".  They ran to a friend's house. 
Charges were forwarded to the City of Aberdeen Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charges of Assault 4th degree, Resisting arrest, and Disorderly Conduct.
Once again, these Aberdeen Police Officers showed great restraint during a highly volatile situation and resolved this situation with no injuries.