APD - Man arrested displaying Pellet Gun that looked like a real rifle.

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Aberdeen officers took a subject into custody Thursday night after he was displaying what looked to be a rifle but later turned out to be a pellet gun.  Luckily no one was hurt during the incident with a pellet gun that looked like a real rifle. 

More from Lt Darst with the Aberdeen Police Department; 

On 05/16/18 at approximately 2341 hours, Aberdeen Officers were in
the area of the 300 block of South Broadway Street.  One Officer advised he heard the sound of something crashing and voices down the alley.  One Officer returned to get their patrol car that was parked a block north as they had just cleared an alarm call.
Two Officers began walking down the 100 block of West Heron Street South Alley towards a group of four people standing/sitting behind the Revival of Grays Harbor Building (115 W. Heron Street, Aberdeen).  As they  approached, using the poles in the alley for cover, one officer noticed one subject holding a rifle.  The alley was dimly lit.  They could see the silhouettes of the subjects.  As they prepared to identify themselves, the subject with the rifle lifted it towards the city pole holding a street light.  They immediately trained their flashlights on the group, identifying themselves as police and ordered them to drop the weapon and show their hands.  One officer trained his weapon and light towards the group as the rifle had not yet been controlled.



Immediately two subjects complied and raised their hands.  One suspect turned and entered the alcove leading into the building, followed by the other suspect.  Officers continued to yell to exit the building and show their hands.  One subject came out, but the other one didn't. The missing suspect was identified. 
Additional officers arrived to assist, from GHSO, HPD and CPD.   A team was put together and they began to approach the building.   A search of the building located the suspect.  An officer located a container of pellets and a pellet rifle. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail.  
The Aberdeen Police department reminds citizens that city codes prohibits unlawful use of air guns as outlined in AMC code 9.02.030: It is unlawful for any person to point or shoot an air gun at any person or property of another, or to aim or discharge such weapon in the direction of the person or residence of another, while within such range as to cause or inflict injury to the person or damage the property of another.
We also want to remind citizens that many of these pellet guns and other types look like firearms and can be mistaken as a firearms in many situations.  The best course of action for anyone finding themselves in a situation like this is to follow the commands that the officers are giving them to the letter, so that everyone can be safe.  The officers will treat this situation as a real threat until they can safely determine that it is not.