21 Year Old Montesano Man Barricades Self After Threatening Employee/Officer With Knife

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We have an update on a situation that we first posted an alert to on our Facebook Page this morning in regards to a barricaded subject at the Methodist Church in Aberdeen involving a 21-year-old Montesano man. 

This in from LT. Darst of the Aberdeen Police Department;

At about 0633 hours this morning, Aberdeen Police Officers responded to 100 E. 2nd St, the Methodist Church, for an open 911 line.  Officers found a female employee of the church outside, who told them that a male suspect held a weapon to her throat and threatened to harm her.  An Aberdeen Officer tried to make contact with the suspect, but the suspect slashed at him with the knife, barely missing the officer.  The suspect barricaded himself in the church.

The Crisis Response Unit (CRU) was activated to respond to the location.  Officers at the scene learned from the employee that the suspect had entered the church after she got to work and was going through the kitchen looking into cabinets when she confronted him.  He picked up a weapon and held it to her throat.  She was able to talk him into going outside, where she got away and then the police arrived.  



The on-scene officers communicated with the suspect and were able to talk him into surrendering to the officers.  He was taken into custody without further incident and transported to our jail.  The suspect is a white male about 21 yoa and a resident of Montesano.  It was learned that the suspect was made very strange statements while he was in the church and he will be seen by a mental health counselor.