Aberdeen Officer Dodges Getting Hit By DUI Suspect, Pursuit Ensues.

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An Aberdeen Police Officer had to dodge out of the way of a DUI driver after the drive was woken by the officer having been passed out after doing narcotics. On January, 23rd. 2023 at approximately 2:00 PM, Aberdeen officers were dispatched to a report of a possible DUI in the AMPM parking lot (705 West Heron Street). Dispatch advised that two people were in the vehicle “nodding” off, a term used to describe people under the influence of some drugs.

 Aberdeen officers responded to investigate. While on scene, the first officer was waiting to wake the subjects until back up arrived. The officer observed drug paraphernalia at the subject’s feet and their lap. While the officer was waiting for the second officer to arrive, he asked the reporting party who was parked close to the vehicle to leave for her safety, which she did. An unrelated subject approached the scene as well, and the officer asked them to turn away. When the officer spoke to the unrelated subject, the male subject in the driver’s seat woke up, looked at the officer and placed the vehicle into drive. He quickly drove forward, striking the curb. He then backed up quickly and struck the officer's patrol vehicle. He then drove forwards quickly, making the officer have to sprint out of the way to avoid being hit, and subsequently fled the contact in the vehicle.


The second officer arriving at about this time and attempted to stop the vehicle. The original officer entered his vehicle and also attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle continued eastbound on Heron Street. Due to the suspected DUI the officers continued to pursue. Once the speeds reached speeds of approximately 70 mph, both officers terminated the pursuit due to caution and care of the public based on the amount of traffic in the area of Walmart. Citizens continued to call 911 to report the vehicle driving erratically. The vehicle was eventually located by Aberdeen officers in the area of Fern Hill Cemetery.

It was discovered the vehicle was reported stolen out of Seattle. Aberdeen officers requested GHSO K9 and a drone from DOC. After approximately an hour and a half of tracking, officers located the suspects near the riverbank. The female suspect was detained while the male suspect attempted to escape by jumping into the river and swimming. However, he ended up clinging to a piling in the river as he was no longer able to swim. APD requested GHSO assistance for the use of their boat, but an officer was able to throw a rescue disk to the suspect and pull him to shore, where he was treated by AFD for exposure.

Both subjects were then transported and booked into the Aberdeen City Jail for multiple charges to include possession of a stolen motor vehicle and obstructing. The male was also charged with felony eluding, assault 2nd , hit-and-run, resisting arrest and possible other charges. The owner of the stolen vehicle retrieved it on 1/24/23. 

The patrol vehicle sustained approximately, 3200 dollars in damage. Luckily, the officer sustained no injuries. We appreciate the public’s reports of the erratic vehicle, leading to our officers discovering the vehicle.