Oceah Shores Officer Saves Olympia Woman From Drowning After Vehicle Goes Off Road Into Water.

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The Ocean Shores Police Department says that a 37 year old Olympia woman was saved by one of its officers after the vehicle she was driving went off the roadway on SR 115 and landed upside down in water.  

At or about 12:33 AM on 01/22/22, OSPD officers were advised of a vehicle accident on State Route 115 at Damon Road, the area known locally as Minard's Corner. It was reported that a vehicle was southbound on State Route 115 at highway speeds when it failed to negotiate the corner, becoming airborne and overturning as it entered the water there. Although outside the city limits, Sergeant Vierra and Officer Elia responded to the scene.


Upon arrival of officers, the vehicle was upside down with the passenger compartment submerged in the waist-deep water. Officers waded through the water to the vehicle to search for victims. Once there, Sergeant Vierra was able to break out a window and reach underwater and inside the vehicle. Feeling a person's head and hair, Sergeant Vierra grabbed on and pulled. While not able to fully extract the person, ultimately determined to be a 37-year-old woman from Olympia, Sergeant Vierra was able to pull her head clear of the water and hold her in that manner until further help arrived.

When units from OSFD arrived on scene, they were able to fully extract the woman, who was not visibly injured, from the vehicle. Although a child seat was observed, the woman was determined to be the sole occupant.
As the accident occurred on a state highway, troopers from the Washington State Patrol took over the investigation. The woman was taken into custody by them for suspicion of DUI.
Sergeant Vierra remarked that the partially submerged vehicle was not easily visible from the nearby roadway. If the reporting party had not been behind the vehicle at the time it left the roadway, it would not likely have been found for some time.