North River Man Swept Away In Current Found Saturday Morning Deceased.

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Sadly, we are updating this story this morning with news from the Grays Harbor County Sheriffs Department. 

On 01-08-22 at approximately 9:00 AM the Grays Harbor Sheriffs Office and Fire District 15 firefighters located Delbert Pratt deceased in his vehicle. 

The vehicle was located approximately 100 yards west of his driveway underwater.  The vehicle was removed from the water by a tow truck.  Investigators believe the vehicle was swept off the driveway by strong moving floodwaters and quickly submerged into deep water.

The family members of Mr. Pratt have been notified of this tragic event.


Family members plan on joining the search for a missing 72-year-old North River man Delbert Pratt who went missing Friday morning 01-07-22 at approximately 5:46 AM in the 700 block of North River Road in Cosmopolis, Washington.  Mr. Pratt   went outside from his residence to move their car to higher ground to avoid the floodwaters which were rising rapidly.  When he did not return, his wife called 911.

Law enforcement was unable to reach the location due to flooding on North River Road.  North River Road was flooded before and after Mr. Pratt’s residence.   

Fire District 15 firefighters who live in the area and family members checked the area and were unable to locate the vehicle or Mr. Pratt.

There is a steep bank next to the driveway, and it is feared that the vehicle somehow left the driveway and was swept away in the swift floodwaters. 

Mr. Pratt is presumed to be deceased.  The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office responded later in the day with the Pacific County Sheriffs Office  and their drone to search the area.  They were unable to locate the vehicle or Mr. Pratt. 

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to search the area as the water recedes.