Carlson/Bowers Held On Charges Due To Failure To Provide Medication To Their 6 Year Old Daughter.

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An Update this evening in the disappearance and child welfare case involving a 5-year-old Oakville girl Oakley Carlson says that the parents Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers are currently being held on 150,000 bail for a case against them involving one of their other children a 6-year-old Sibling to Oakley. 

Undersheriff Johansson says that detectives investigating the disappearance of Oakley Carlson discovered information that the parents Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers have not been providing medication prescribed to their six-year-old daughter as required by her doctor for approximately 15 months.  The medication is necessary for her physical wellbeing and puts her at risk for physical impairment and could eventually result in death. 

The sibling along with 2 others are in protective custody and care.


The information on the medical care awas provided to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutors Office.  The Prosecutors charged Carlson and Bowers into Grays Harbor District Court with the charge of Abandonment of a Dependent Person in the Second Degree, RCW 9A.42.070 a class C felony.  This is the only charge the suspects are being held on at this time.  The bail was set at $150,000 for both suspects. 

Detectives are still actively investigating the unexplained disappearance of Oakley Carlson.  Investigators believe the disappearance is criminal in nature and will continue the search for Oakley Carlson.  Detectives are seeking any information from anyone who may have seen Oakley Carlson alive since January 27th 2021.  With all of the attention this investigation has gathered they have not received any information that Oakley has been seen alive since that date.