44 Suspects Arrested In Yesterdays Bust In 3 Counties.

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Police activity all across the county was the big talk yesterday November 28th with a large marijuana growing criminal ring orchestrated by Chinese Nationalists being brought down in Grays Harbor.  There 44 arrests made, 26 vehicles confiscated, along with multiple guns and other items of value. 

Here is what we have from the Grays Harbor County Sheriffs Office. 

On November 28, 2017 at approximately 8:30 am, the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force (GHCDTF) oversaw an operation that resulted in numerous search warrants being conducted throughout Grays Harbor County, as well as related locations in Thurston and King Counties.  The search warrants were conducted as a result of suspected illegal marijuana grow operations by Chinese Nationals that were occurring in the respective counties.

A total of 50 search warrants were executed among the three counties.  There were 44 arrests made, 26 vehicles confiscated, along with multiple guns and other items of value.  There was over $400,000 worth of cash and gold seized. A total of 32,449 marijuana plants were confiscated.  It was estimated that the value of these particular plants was in excess of $80,000,000.

Of the 50 search warrants, 38 were in Grays Harbor County, 8 in King County, and 4 in Thurston County. The general locations where the search warrants were conducted are listed below. In some cases, there were multiple search warrants on the listed streets. This is not an all-inclusive list as some search warrants were completed late last night and there locations may not have been reported in yet.

There is a tremendous amount of work left to do for this massive investigation. We again want to thank all of our federal, state, and local partners who assisted with this significant operation.

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