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Understanding Radio Talk

Grays Harbor Scanner provides all of the feeds you hear online for the Grays Harbor area, and that includes the broadcast equipment and bandwidth. 

Understanding Radio Talk
To understand whos talking and understanding what they are saying - When you hear the word "Harbor" that is Grays Harbor Dispatchers. If you hear word "radio" that is Mason County Dispatchers.

GHS County Broadcast Feed

Covers all cities and east fire except for Central Cities Aberdeen, Hoquiam Cosi.

GHS Central Broadcast Feed

Covers Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosi fire and police.

Police Agency Designatgions

 1 - County SO
2- Aberdeen
3 - Hoquiam
4 - Ocean Shores
5 - Westport
6 - Cosmopolis
7 - Montesano
8 - Elma
9 - McCleary
12 - Chehailis Tribe

**New** June 2918 for Fire Agency Designations scroll down

Police Disposition Codes

1 Settled by Contact
2 G.O.A/U.A.T.C
3 Request Extra Patrols
4 Reffered to other Agency
5 Unfounded
6 See OIR (Officer Report)
7 Arrest Made
8 Civil, No Action
9 Patrol / Will get to it later
10 Cancelled
11 Inactive, No Leads
12 Traffic Arrest/Citation
13 See Incident Summary
99 Dispo Unknown

Understanding Fire Calls, and language

Grays Harbor County has been using their new fire Identifiers for over a year now. Here is the break down of how these new identifiers work. Cities and stations will identify themselves with regular name ie: Aberdeen Fire, Fire District 5 etc… then the unit designations follow with a one or 2 letter code and then their apparatus designation and apparatus number. They can also have their station number with their apparatus number Here are a few examples
Fire District 5 – Station 1 (Stamper Rd) and equipment from that station is Engine 5-11 (Staton 1. first engine out) if it were Fire District 5 coming from station 2 (Porter) it would be Engine 5-21
Standard apparatus is engine, tender, medic, aid, rescue,portable (responders via pov), utility and brush.
Agencies starting with their “agency ID number” are as follows “**” refers that there will be a station number and apparatus number after their agency number,
Units 1-9 Hoquiam
Units 10 - 19 Aberdeen
Units 20 - 29 Cosmopolis
Units 7+ Ocean Shores Fire
Units 8+ Elma Fire Department
Units 9+ Montesano Fire
Units 1+ Fire District 1
Units 2+ Fire District 2 Central Park Montesano
Units 3+ South Beach Fire
Units 4+ Fire District 4 Lake Quinaut
Units 5+ Grays Harbor Fire District 5 East County
Units 6+ Grays Harbor Fire District 6 East Hoquiam
Units 7+ Grays Harbor Fire District 7 Pacific Beach
Units 8+ Grays Harbor Fire District 8 Copalis Crossing
Units 10+ Grays Harbor Fire District 10 Artic
Units 12+ Grays Harbor Fire District 12 McCleary

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