No More Overnight Flashing Yellow or Red Lights Through Aberdeen to Hoquiam

An end of an era begins tonight as the Washington State Department of Transportation says that it will begin re-configuring the stop lights starting from the Wishkah River Bridge to Hoquiam in all directions

Beginning Tuesday evening, Sept. 27, travelers on US 101 and US 12 in Aberdeen and Hoquiam will see nighttime traffic signal changes. 
The Washington State Department of Transportation will convert all the traffic signals on US 101/US 12 from the Wishkah River Bridge to Hoquiam in all directions to standard “green-yellow-red” signals, which will have them operate the same as they do during the day.

Using the regular “green-yellow-red” signals during the night will clarify right of way for all users along the corridor. Drivers on the side street will be able to cross or make a turn onto US 101/US 12 with a green light rather than yielding to highway traffic. Pedestrians will be able to cross on a “Walk” signal in the same manner as the daytime.

These traffic signals have detection to trigger side street greens and pedestrian “Walk” signals. Travelers will approach the traffic light on a side street and see a solid red light, or a “Don’t Walk” sign, but once detected will receive a green light or a “Walk” signal. Once the side street or pedestrian traffic is gone, the main highway signal will revert to green and remain there until more side street traffic approaches.

Call Catch Up - Firefighters Respond To Structure Fire In Montesano Monday Morning.

Seeing information in regards to a structure fire this morning in Montesano we went through our call audio that was recorded from our online scanners in the GHScanner App we have the following on the call - 

Montesano, - Fire was dispatched to a residential structure fire around 2:05am, S 6th and W Arland. The fire was later identified as being off W Arland when an MPD Officer arrived, advising the residence was fully engulfed. It was reported that the residence was vacant in remodel state and the flames were touching a nearby residence which they were evacuating. Fire District 2 was dispatched to this as well, assisting Montesano Fire. 

The announced that the fire was knocked down around 3:07 AM. Grays Harbor FD 2 advised in a social media post that no injuries and the fire is under investigation.  


Coast Guard offers new i911 system for PNW mariners

SEATTLE - The 13th Coast Guard District has implemented a groundbreaking technology to assist mariners in distress on the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Across Washington and Oregon, mariners can provide vital location information to Coast Guard rescue crews from their smartphones without having to download an application. In addition to common life-saving devices known to mariners, such as Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB's) and VHF radios, the Coast Guard now has the i911 application as an additional tool to provide lifesaving information from a mariner's cell phone.

Hoquiam Police Departments, 40 Years Remembrance of the In The line Of Duty Death of Officer Burke.

Members of the local law enforcement community especially the Hoquiam Police Department remembered Hoquiam Officer Donald Burke who was killed in the line of duty on April 16th 1980 at 5:20 pm 

He did not know it at the time, but the station wagon Officer Donald Burke was chasing was carrying career criminals Robert DeAngelis and Rodney Hagedorn. The two men had robbed a bank in Kirkland six days earlier and just the day before, had kidnapped a man and robbed a store in Port Orchard.

Fire District 16 Copalis Crossing Looking to Merge With Fire District 7

Copalis Crossing, Fire District 16 is saying that after many years of struggling to recruit and retain volunteers to staff Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the residents of Grays Harbor County Fire Protection District No. 16, the Board of Fire Commissioners have made the decision to merge their Fire District with the neighboring District to the west. Grays Harbor County Fire Protection District No. 7 currently serves the areas of Copalis Beach, Ocean City, and North Bay. Fire District No. 7 has agreed to expand their primary response area to encompass that currently covered by Fire District No. 16

Grays Harbor Public Health recruiting volunteers

Grays Harbor Public Health recruiting volunteers for a variety of roles related to COVID-19 Local health, safety, and preparedness begins with you.

In the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19, it is important to be ready to respond to a variety of community needs. Grays Harbor Public Health is recruiting potential volunteers who may be asked to serve in a variety of functions during their response to COVID-19. Volunteer health practitioners are especially critical to help meet emerging demands for health practitioners in areas impacted by COVID-19.

You've worked hard in your career to master a variety of skills – in medicine, public health, safety, logistics, communications or a number of other areas. Volunteering with entities like Public Health is a simple and effective way to use and improve those skills, while helping to keep your family, friends and neighbors safe and healthy.

Grays Harbor Public Health has information and a form available for interested volunteers on their website at www.healthygh.org/covid19volunteer. Information and resources related to COVID-19 are available at www.healthygh.org/covid19 and are updated regularly as the situation evolves.

Volunteers should also consider registering with other community-based volunteer organizations that do critical work to serve family, friends, and neighbors such as the American Red Cross at https://www.redcross.org/volunteer/become-a-volunteer.html.


About Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services Department


Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services Department works to improve the health and well-being of the people of Grays Harbor.


Visit our website at http://www.healthyGH.org. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/healthyghc.

Rochester Man Killed In Traffic Collision SR 12 at Moon Road Monday Evening.

According to a Washington State Patrol report, a 67-year-old Rochester man died at the scene of a traffic collision Monday evening on State Route 12 at Moon Road in Thurston County after making a turn off Moon Road to State Route12 causing a collision with another vehicle that was traveling in the westbound lane on 12.  

The Rochester man driving a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer who had been traveling in the southbound lanes on Moon Road and was making the turn onto State Route 12 eastbound when a westbound vehicle on State Route 12 (a 2015 Honda Pilot driven by a 52-year-old Oakville man)  hit the driver side of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

The driver of the Mitsubishi Lancer died at the scene of the collision, the driver of the Honda Pilot was transported to Providence Chehalis for injuries.. 

The roadway was blocked for 3 hours and 45 minutes 

Local Leaders Break Ground On Fry Creek Pump Station Project.

Friday, July 8th 2022 local leaders met for groundbreaking on the new Fry Creek Pump Station to mitigate local flooding issues in Hoquiam and Aberdeen.  After many years of ongoing work, funding coordination, and design work, the team leading the City of Aberdeen's overall flood relief efforts is seeing progress on the Fry Creek Restoration project and associated pump station. 

New Cosmopolis Municipal Building Constuction Delayed Due To Lumber Prices

A new Cosmopolis Municipal Building construction has been placed on hold and delayed says Cosmopolis Mayor Kyle Pauley due to cost of lumber.

Pauley says that Due to circumstances outside of their control, the City of Cosmopolis has made the difficult decision to delay the start of construction on the Municipal Building project.