Frequently Asked Questions - Grays Harbor Scanner Alerts

FAQs - Grays Harbor Scanner Alerts

With any new program or thing, anyone puts out there, there is always questions.  We may not always know the answer, or maybe we haven't had time to write them down.  But we will do our best and here we have our Frequently Asked Questions or questions that we knew someone might ask.  If your question is not asked feel free to use the contact us so that we can hear from you and answer your question or put it here for others to see.mation for the new Grays Harbor Scanner Alerts. 

We plan no changes to how we operate our Facebook Page.  However, our supporters and subscribers will come first.  GHS Staff will first post or send alerts to the GHSAlerts App first, and then time and availability will post to our Facebook page second.  

The concept of the app is to make sure that those who are out and about not scrolling through Facebook are getting quick and timely alert information such as serious road hazards, accidents and things that will affect them.  Those sitting scrolling through Facebook have the time and ability to wait a bit longer than those driving. 

We will do primary events such as blocking traffic accidents, severe road hazards, major police activities such as fights, robberies, shootings and assaults (confirmed).  Major fire incidents will be included as well such as structure fires and hazmat calls.  We will also include CPR calls (Maybe someone is close by and can assist).  We will take suggestions as well for items to be added. 

Grays Harbor Scanner has evolved into a full-time hours reaching more than 15 hours a day sometimes for a few of us, the staff members.  With the cost to put out alerts on an app (development, coding, app service fees) and the time that staff put in to do the alerts and notifications we have the cost.  We kept the cost down as much possible with taking into consideration fees that we have to pay to the app stores, Facebook and with city and state taxes.  

One of the things we see commonly are people saying I hit that deer in the middle of the road, I missed or couldn't read Facebook to see the post about it. Or, I got stuck in traffic for 2 hours because I didn't know about that accident or that road closure. 

And sometimes we see a lot of comments and posts saying thank god I was looking through facebook I was on my way to ... Wait for a second, do not use Facebook while driving ... 

Our notifications will pop up an alert on our screen, and alert you to what is happening out there first.  No need to be scrolling through Facebook. 


We have two options to subscribe to the emergency alerts on your cell phone.  One option is $4.99 a month on subscriber fee, or you can pay annually for $49.99 and save $10 annually.  

It was a hard thing to decide on but ultimately in order to keep the cost down of the monthly subscription, we chose to go with Paypal.  Both the Apple and the Google stores take 30% of subscriptions as their fees whereas Paypal takes 2.9% and .30 cents as theirs.  This he;ps us keep those fees down for us, and the overall cost down for everyone 

The app system will send you an email with that verification code.  If you entered an invalid email address you will not get that code.  Use the contact us form in the app and we can delete the account that you started to set up so you can restart over.  We require a working email address in order to verify your identity. 

No, a PayPal account is not required you can choose the option that says "Subscribe using a debit card or credit card.  Please make sure to use the same name as your account with the app for verification purposes.  Paypal may ask you to register for an account during the process.

First, be aware that signing up to support GHS, and subscribing to the GHSAlerts App there will be no refund.  ** Unless paid annually and GHS opts to terminate services provided then a prorated remaining about will be refunded to you **

If you do not have a PayPal account, and subscribed by using a credit card or debit card you can use the contact form within the app or the contact us here on our website and we will do our best to look into canceling your subscription.  


For those with Paypal here are some steps that you can do this yourself to ensure cancelation. 


First, make sure you are logged into the app.  You must be logged into the app in order to get notifications.  Go into the app and click on the menu in the upper right corner (3 dots).  When it drops down you should be able to see a list of options including "Profile"  Click on profile and double check your group that you are in.  This is for "Nzones"  If you are on the group All zones you should be all set.  If you are on another zone it may be possible that there have been no alerts sent for the zone you are in. 

You can use the contact form in the app to get ahold of us and we can make sure your account looks active and set to receive alerts. 


To verify you can always go up to the top of the app where the 3 dots are, click on that and go to profile and it will show groups.  Group is also zones for notifications. 


There can be a few reasons for this.  First, make sure that you went through the payment subscription process that goes through Paypal.  the notification service is a subscription service.  

Another reason, it does take us a bit to verify and activate accounts.  If you feel that your account has not been activated you can go to your app and log in.  Click on the 3 little dots in the upper right corner and you will see a drop down list with an option to log out.  If you do not go back to register and log in, if you cannot log in that would indicate we have not activated the account.  

If you feel that time has passed and you should be activated use the contact us in the app, and let us know of the issue. 

Alerts and notifications can be found under the top 3 little dots in the right corner.  Drop that menu down and you will see a list of options to include "Notifications" and you will also see a number there that lists how many new notifications you have.  Click on that to bring up all the notifications we have on the system.  





Cell phones keep evolving and giving us more and more capabilities.  One of those capabilities for safety purposes is Text To Voice Readers.  You can set up text to voice readers to read any messages that come out to your cell phone so that you do not have to look at your phone while driving or even turn on the screen.  Text to voice readers can read text messages, Facebook Messenger Messages, Gmail Email headers and even GHScanner messages. 

While I am primarily an Android user, the same should apply for iPhones as well.  You can search your app store for text to voice apps.  With Android, I use one called Shouter (and yes I paid for the pro version but you dont have to go that far).  

Once you have installed a Text To Voice App, make sure to go in and select the apps that you want the notifications to be read from and make sure to include GHScanner.  Each app will have its own options but operate about the same.  

Here is the link to the one I am using, if you need help setting it up using the contact us link and I will be glad to try and help.



The instructions should be similar to both the iPhone and Androids.  

In the Facebook App go to payments & orders (may be found under Account Settings)

Select Payments

Then it’s listed under recurring payments, you click on that and then click edit and that will open the iTunes Store (or Google Play) which is where you go to cancel it, not buy the app, only cancel it.

If you signed up for our Page supporter program and did it on a web browser on a computer and not the app on your phone you can access subscriptions by going through your web browser, select settings and go to Payments on the left side of the screen.  

Select the subscription to cancel. 

Sometimes this means a small update that we made in the back end of the app did not make it to your end.  These are just simple web cached things and just need to be force updated.  

To do this, go into the app and click on the 3 little dots at the top for menu and Log out.  Exit out of the app and go back in and confirm that you are still logged out by doing the same again.  It should not give you the option to log out. 

Now go into settings of your phone and locate "Apps" and then locate GHScanner.  Once located go into that setting and locate where it says Storage.  Clicking on that you will find 2 settings that you can clear.  The Data, and the Cache.  Clear both of those.  

Go back into the GHScanner App and click on register / log in.  You should now be allowed to log back in.  Now check the section you were trying to access and you should be able to get to that area.