While we didn't know this was a thing, but what a cool project.  Local Brandy Ross running for Mrs. Washington pageant doing a project to help local McCleary Schools become better than they already are.  Check this out.

Starting out the new year Grays Harbor Scanner is going to be opening up 2 new types of page volunteer opportunities to make GHS better, and to make the page stronger in the community

The Ocean Shores Police Department said Monday morning that they had received many calls about a deer that had netting tangled in its antlers actually ended up having a hammock and not netting tangled up in his antlers. 

Police officers put their lives on the line every day.  They wear protective equipment and vets to protect them from the dangers that are present out there with suspects that have firearms and knives.  What about their K9 partners who do their job protecting the officer?  The Grays Harbor Sheriffs Office says their newest K9 officer is set to get a bullet and stab protective vest thanks to a charitable donation from non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.

There are probably a hundred great stories out there about giving during the holiday season.  If you are someone who watches the Hallmark Channel Holiday Movies, this story here reminds us of one of those movies. This story comes from the Westport Whinery, a story to share and smile about.  

The Grays Harbor County Sheriffs Office posted a warning to the community Friday afternoon that they are investigating several contacts made in their name to businesses locally.  This was not in an official press release, but this is what we have from that post.

A long message from the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Direction Tuesday Afternoon outline the different levels of Tsunami notifications and covered why notifications were not sent out, and sirens alerted Tuesday due to the "watch" status of the alert. 

With all the talk about Tsunami Sirens this and Tsunami Sirens that we hear a lot of complaints about people not being able to hear the sirens.  Well, that is most likely because the sirens are built to be heard outside.  If you are inside, you are more likely not to hear them. In this article we are going to cover something really important that your cell phone already has the capability of doing that keeps you alerted to emergency alerts like a tsunami alert. 

Now I know you are shaking your head thinking that a cell phone alert is not going to be accurate, or help you know what is going on in a time of emergency.  I can attest that it does work and that it is effective.  I myself, have been in an area several times where there have been tsunami alerts posted and transmitted to cell phones, as well as flash floods and amber alerts.  So let's cover how to do this and check that your phone is set up. 

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