Ocean Shores Deer With Hammock Tangled In Its Antlers.

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Photo is a file photo and no of the actual deer helped. 

The Ocean Shores Police Department said Monday morning that they had received many calls about a deer that had netting tangled in its antlers actually ended up having a hammock and not netting tangled up in his antlers. 

For the past few weeks, the Police Department has received a great many calls about a deer walking around with a large amount of netting tangled in his antlers. The deer was obviously having a difficult time getting around with the weight on his head but was able to get away from anyone who tried to assist him.

Animal Control Officer Beebe sought assistance from the Department of Fish & Wildlife. A Wildlife Officer with a tranquilizer gun came to Ocean Shores on a couple of occasions but was unable to catch the deer.

On October 27, the Wildlife Officer tried again and was able to successfully dart the buck. Once he was tranquilized, the Officers were able to free the deer. What he had on his antlers was actually a full-sized hammock.

After the hammock was removed from the buck’s antlers, the Officers stood by to keep other aggressive bucks from harming this one until he was steady on his feet again.