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Why we dont post vehicle descriptions

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For some clarification on our posts when it comes to vehicle descriptions on accidents.  We get asked this question a lot, "why don't you guys post vehicle descriptions".  I am freaking out this might be my cousins friend, or a family member.  

Well the answer has a few different responses.  First, you need to understand our counties radio system and how the dispatch calls.  Fire frequencies can only be heard in close proximation to their area, other than dispatcher repeating the information.  So when fire and EMS crews are dispatched, they typically are given general information and there is no update till they get on scene.  There is no vehicle descriptions given over the fire dispatch typically.  Sometimes there is, but its un verified information until someone is on scene.  Fire and EMS crews are not concerned when they get on scene to an accident to getting a vehicle and owner description to dispatch, its not their job. Updates are also hard to get over fire channels due to not being able to hear fire crews outside of their genera area and our radio system. 

Now for radio traffic on the law side.  Sometimes a vehicle description may be given, sometimes not.  A lot of times they will advise car vs suv, or white passenger car vs blue truck.  But this is rare, and not always the case. Now the trick to catching information on what kind of cars are involved is to listen real closely and sit at the edge of the chair until someone gets on scene and sys over the radio what kind of cars are involved.  If your lucky you typically will catch half of the description.  So as opposed to giving out the wrong information of what kind of vehicle is involved, our stance is - not to give it out at all.  

If a user, or fan posts what kind of vehicle is involved, or a description - Take that information at that value that it has not been verified.  There is always a chance that someone may comment with wrong vehicle types just to be devious.  We wont be able to correct that information.  So typically we ask that people to not post it. 

Mis information can cause panic, and bring people to a scene that is not needed to be there.  A lot of our updates, shares and information is to keep the public aware of what is happening out there.  If you know that fire and law crews are headed out 101 for a serious accident, you know to get out of their way, you know to choose a different path to travel.  

We dont exclude the information to get people upset or excited, we exclude it because we dont want to mis inform.  When police, and fire agencies send us a press release, or a news story comes up that has this information we will try and share it with you. 
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