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The neighbor's dog is digging up the yard, again!  My sister keeps running into the neighbor's yard and eating all their apples!  Our family and our neighbor aren’t happy about not having our own boundaries.  After much debate about this our family has decided to put up a fence and we can live in harmony.  Donald Trump wants to build a wall at the border of Mexico and the U.S. Congress hasn’t been giving him the money so he has declared a national emergency for $5.7 Billion for his wall. Many people believe that we should and shouldn’t build a border wall.  I believe there should be a wall because it’s like with our neighbours everyone will get along better with our own definite boundaries. I believe there are more Pros than Cons to having a wall, some of them are Less Human Trafficking, Less Drug Deals, Territorial Boundaries, Less Illegal Immigrants.

The wall that President Trump wants to build would cost around $5.7 Billion. Many people think that’s ridiculous and we shouldn’t give him the money for it.  One of the reasons we should give it to him is, there would be less Human Trafficking.  Many people are being kidnapped and taken across the border, this is both the U.S. and Mexico border. According to the Government over 20,000 illegal Mexicans have been victims of sexual trafficking and/or labor jobs every year.  People from Mexico are lured here from there home with hopes of good jobs and homes. If we had a wall in a place that would be harder to do. This is because the wall would be 30 feet high and over 1,000 feet wide. Another way children get kidnapped are the Catch-And-Release system the supreme court put in place. It is so they can release people with families so they won’t be separated. So illegal immigrants are kidnapping or borrowing children so they can abuse this program. When the wall is built and people have to go through the checkpoint, maybe the supreme court will remove this order.

The border wall could make it harder for illegal drugs to come into the country.  Since 2009 heroin seizures at the border have tripled. And since 2014 meth seizures have quintupled. At the mexican border, border patrol has seized more than 8.2 million Lbs. of Marijuana, 32,600 Lbs. of Cocaine, 32.000 ounces of heroin, and 17,600 Lbs. of methamphetamines. And these are the people who they have caught. Think about all the drugs that they haven’t caught and how it could affect others in the future.  The wall won’t stop people from smuggling them in through secret compartments, with fruits and vegetables, and in other parts of their vehicles at the border crossing. The wall would put more human resources to have at the checkpoints and people checking vehicles at the checkpoints because border patrol won’t have to guard un-fenced areas.



Territorial boundaries, this could be a major issues between the two countries. Currently, at the border, there is only a fence. The fence is between 18 and 26 feet high. And there is 1,000 miles without a fence. This could make real controversy between the two countries with the parts that aren’t fenced. The areas that aren’t fenced don’t have an official border, so this means any country could say that the land is theres and it might not be.  Just like after the Mexican-American war, there was no official boundary line. Just a muddy river, so the areas with no fence up is just like back then. Just a big patch of desert.


There are a lot of people who think we shouldn’t get this wall. President Trump making a standoff with Congress is one of those reasons. In 2019 the standoff with Congress was so bad, it was the nation's longest government shutdown. Another reason is the former Vice President of Mexico Vincente Fox stated, “We are not paying for that stupid wall”. This shows that the American taxpayers would have to pay for it. Many people did not agree with the U.S people paying for the wall. People are also starting to think that the ways that President Trump is getting the money is Unconstitutional, such as him declaring a national emergency to get the $5.7 billion.  According to the Declaration of Independence, it is his right as president to declare an emergency if he feels it to be unsafe at our borders.

When illegal immigrants come into the U.S they come without food, money, shelter, health insurance and all of the things most people have.  The United States is known to provide people with those items when they come here. Some of the free things they receive are, free public schooling for grades K-12, they also get emergency medical treatment under Medicaid., and they qualify for welfare in many places.  Many people believe that money should be put to better use than on people who aren’t even here legally. A statement by President Trump says, “ Illegal immigrants have cost the United States more than $200 Billion a year.” Stated on his Twitter (@realDonaldTrump). So if we had the wall in place with the 1,000-mile range out of 1,600 miles, they could really only come in from one general area, and that would be the main security checkpoint.

Separation at the border. With the very weak border that is currently in place border security is very tight. Some families are being separated because they believe that the children aren’t with their real parents. This has outraged Congress. They have been trying to figure out how many families have been separated. They are able to estimate that since June 26, 250 families have been separated. In order to try and fix this, the supreme court put an order into effect that keeps certain families from being separated. But some people are going against that order and still separating families at the border. Some of the families they are separating are protected by that order, but border security just doesn’t care. So maybe if there was a wall at the border then security wouldn’t have to be so tight, and they wouldn’t have to separate as many people at the border.

I think President Trump has all of the facts that he needs to know if we need a wall or not, he is in the position of power and I feel we should trust that our president knows what he’s doing. I support his decision for the wall because of some of the reasons I have gone over, which are Kidnapping, Drugs, Border Controversy, Illegal Immigrants, and separation at the border. There are more reasons we should have a border, these are just some of them.

illegal immigrants federally get

  • Free public schools K-12

  • Free lunch and Breakfast programs for kids eligible for free school.

  • Emergency treatment under Medicaid.

  • At state opinion, medical coverage under SCHIP. Including parental health.

  • Immunizations for immunizable diseases and testing for and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases.

  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

  • The Emergency Food Assistance Program.

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

Sanctuary Cities


  • Made to decrease the fear of deportation and the possibility of breaking up families.

  • State refuses to help the Federal Government enforce immigration law.

  • Trump administration is cutting off federal funds to cities in California to punish them for their policies.

Illegal immigration numbers


  • In the U.S there’s about 700,000 undocumented immigrants in 2017.

  • By Sep, 30 2017 people estimated that 600,000 people are still in the U.S

  • 60% of undocumented immigrants overstay their Visas but come into the U.S legally.


Why the president wants a wall


  • 59% of people disagree with the wall.

  • He originally raised $20 Million to found the wall.

  • Currently, there is 400,000 arrests at the border each year, compared to the early 2000’s with over a million.

  • He wants to send a message about how they feel about illegal immigration.

  • Democrats do agree that there should be more security at the border but don’t support a wall with a budget of $5.7 Billion.


Why we shouldn’t have a wall


  • Trump isn’t making Mexico pay for the wall like he promised.

  • “We are not paying for the stupid wall” Vincente Fox, Former President of Mexico

  • He’s making standoffs with Congress


Other Notes

  • There is 650 miles of fencing on a 1,600-mile long border

  • He wants his wall to be 1,000 miles of steel.


Kidnapped Children

  • Catch and release are set in place for immigrant families

  • Many people are trying to pose as families with kidnapped children to take advantage of this policy.

  • The President wants to stricken security at the border because of this reason

  • There is a Zero-Tolerance policy for approaches of people trying to go through


Family Separation at the border

  • Families are being separated at the border for no apparent reason.

  • 700 Children have been taken away from people who claim to be their families. Including 100 children under the age of 4.

  • They claim they take them away if they cannot ascertain their relationship with the parent or if they think that they are in danger.

  • Last year they wanted to pass a Bill that would make two seperate Shelters for families. One for adults and one for children.

  • The White House approves of that action. But the Department of Homeland Security said “It would not adopt”.

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