A quick overnight catch up from questions to the page and going over our recorded scanner radio traffic from our online feeds - Aberdeen PD took a report of a stolen vehicle that was later spotted in Elma just after 10pm, the vehicle failed to stop when officers tried to stop it and it took off up Lambert Road, to Keys road and around the Satsop Business Park and towers. The vehicle crashed through a yard and fence but still kept going Eventually the vehicle was disabled and one person took off on foot with another taken into custody quickly. The second subject was quickly apprehended as well. If we get more or an official press release we will get this post updated.

This is an overnight call catch up - thanks to tips to the page from supporters we are able to go back on our recorded scanner audio and listen to calls that occurred overnight or when we are not online.  GHS does not always have 24/7 coverage and on occasion will do an Overnight call catch up.  This is not an official press release from any agency.

Overnight call catch up - no press release on this yet but according to our recorded scanner radio traffic around 1138 pm last night in the 500 block Willow street there wa a call for a male subject that said someone tried to kill him so he shot at him 2 times unknown if he hit him or not
Officers after arriving and checking the scene advised to cancel EMS, not needed no outstanding persons.

both aberdeen and Hoquiam Officers responded to this call.

This morning hearing one officer back out at the scene, and area on follow up.

Once we get an official press release we will post it.

ar at Porter Creek Road Monday evening causing a motorcyclist to collide with and int her vehicle. 

The Onalaska woman had been westbound in her tan 2014 Volkswagon Jetta and had gotten into the turn lane at Porter Creek Road to turn left. She changed her mind and turned right getting back into the driving lane and caused a 50 year old Lacey woman who was driving a Black 2003 Harley Davidson Xl1200 to strike and collide with the passenger side of her vehicle. 

The motorcyclist was transported to Summit Pacific Elma for her injuries.  

Cause of the accident is listed as improper lane usage with charges being filed for 
negligent driving 2nd degree 



And this is one for the books and we cannot wait to read the official press release on this one. This story involves a guy who puts a vehicle in the ditch and goes to try and steal a log loader to get his car out of the ditch.... It ends with one person tazed

It almost sounds like Hoquiam Police Officers may be back out there investigating more this morning as I write this incident catch up from overnight.  But that is not confirmed.  Here is more on this incident.

This is an incident catch up from tips and call audio, not an official press release from any agency. 

Grays Harbor Fire District 2 appears to still be on the scene of an early morning structure fire outside of Montesano in the high end of the 5,000 block of Wynooche Valley Rd.

After several posts and request to know what the outcome was on a call overnight in Ocosta our GHS Admins went through the recorded call audio from our online scanners to bring you this call catch up. 

This is an incident catch up from tips and call audio, not an official press release from any agency. 

One of our admins caught just parts of this incident this morning so our head admin went through call audio to bring you the latest.  

It appears that a male subject out picking mushrooms fell down a cliff/embankment about 100ft and landed on a river embankment (short) and into the water on the Humptulips River. 

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