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Friday, 09 June 2017 00:00

Doctor Canfield Responds On Facebook To DOH Accusations

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Yesterday a press release first shared by KXRO, and then other news agencies that followed suit brought out information about charges that had been filed against him regarding his health and ability to practice by the state Department of Health.  

Grays Harbor Scanner shared the article put out by our cooperting news station KBKW which only put out what the DOH had stated in their release for public information.

However, the first releases were tying an accident that occurred last month to his health condition in which he states was and is not true.  

Doctor Canfield was a pioneer in Emergency Medicine in the field when he first began his career and helped shape the county, and the state field emergency medicine for paramedics, EMT's and other first responders.  While he has closed and retired from his practice as a daily doctor he remains as the county's emergency medical director as well as participates in a few other medical activities that are not hands on.  






Here is what Doctor Canfield had to say on the allegations:

To all of my friends on Facebook; approximately 7 yrs ago i was Diagnosed with liver disease. It was felt that it was caused a surgery I had undergone. It became difficult to control the symptoms, so I underwent a liver bypass surgery and the fluid retention sx resolved. I had one serious episode that occurs in 40% of people who have this type of surgery and this also resolved.
I am currently followed by the liver transplant at U of W transplant, and teams at the Mayo Clinic. Hepatologist at both centers felt I was safe to work partime. They also felt at the Mayo Clinic that I had no evidence of encephalopathy. There were others that questioned my working so I stopped practicing and closed my office. I continued teaching the EMS providers. The state decided I should undergo a neurocognative exam. My Dr at Virginia Mason felt this would not productive as he had started me on A new medication that made me very sleepy. I could not stay awake in the all day test so it was stopped and I was given appointment to come back and finish the test another time. Up
to Date, an online source of standards of care produced by Harvard, listed the test that were of value. These tests were not
used, instead I was given some out dated exams no longer used. It was obvious this counselor was not up to date on the standards. When I returned for the
End of the test I was told the decision was made I could not finish the test. That i should have finished it in my previous visit.
This whole process has been poorly handled and would like to clarify some issues.
1) I, on my own accord stopped the practice until I could be sure I was safe
2) the neurocognative exam did not follow evidence based medicines standard of care.
3) the state of Wash never asked for records or contacted the liver experts working on my case.
4)I had no plans to restart my practice until I have had my transplant.
5) there were no cases of mine that were found to be mismanaged.
6) KXRO did not attempt to check facts. They never attempted to call me they just
Continued to provide answers they no nothing about.
7) my auto accident had nothing to do with my liver disease or was there ever a claim made to that except by KXRO
8)I did not commit a crime, or have gone to a trial or proven to be a hazard. This is the State's and KXRO's insinuation.
9). How about some compassion. Car thieves are treated better. I have been diagnosed with a lethal disease and have been working very hard to survive. This isn't politics we're talking about. This is my life. And the state wonders why it's difficult to recruit physicians. Two of my sons are finishing medical school and would not even consider coming to Washington. They're afraid to come here

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