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Those That Say Thanks

One of the greatest things we can get as volunteers to our community that run this page is those that say Thanks.  Here are some of those comments that really stand out. 

Jen Perry Agreed! This newsfeed is the best thing during storms like this. Thanks gh scanner👍

Tiffany Mataya Thanks grays harbor scanner for keeping everyone informed

Sandi Selden Lamrouex‎ Hi, I want to say Thank You for all of the up to date information you're providing. I live in the Midwest but I have family in Elma. They all think I panic out here and this site has helped tremendously to keep us updated. Very, very appreciated.

Jen Perry Thank you Grays Harbor scanner. For someone who hates storms..this was an awesome thread to follow. You guys are awesome..deserve more credit than ya get that's for sure😊

Mel Marchington Thank you GH Scanner for being here for us. I appreciate all you do for the community! You all rock!

MaMagoo Mcgowen Thank you for your continued help and concern for all of us GHers! Thank your families for sharing you with us!

Angela Bentley Thank you all for the information, pictures and updates!


RoseLeah Gorow SwalanderThank you for taking care of everybody with your post that what is so great with you page

Brian MartinYou are varry welcome thank you for having this site it means everything to and our children god bless you

Leah ThomasThank you for all you do, you're awesome!

Jolene WilsonGreat you are here ! we need you

Leslie Lundquist BebichThat's great....You guys do a wonderful job.

Mildred Ann Jellum Stewartthanks again, GH Scanner.........

Gail Finical Huggar Thanks for taking care of it! And thanks for your hard work and dedication.